Aquatic Therapy
Offers Powerful Benefits

Aquatic therapy offers many benefits to patients with varying levels of function, including, but not limited to improvements in:

  • Balance and postural alignment/Strength /Endurance/ ROM – The viscosity and hydrostatic pressure offered by the water environment provides with optimum scenario to practice balance and postural control, developing body awareness that translates in more functional mobility and transitions.
  • Circulation/ Cardiovascular endurance- The water allows patients to escape the limitations of gravity, providing them with the ability to do more in the pool than they can on land, so they can more quickly achieve their therapeutic goals.
  • Self-esteem/social interaction/Quality of life- The aquatic environment is naturally playful and facilitates social interaction and communication. It is less structured when compared to the clinical setting, proving a pleasant and positive experience for clients.
  • Sensory modulation/Motor Planning; Hydrostatic pressure combined with buoyancy resistive tools offer an optimum opportunity to work on proprioceptive and vestibular input resulting in powerful regulation of the sensory system.
  • Tone management /Neural stretches: Children with neurological impairments usually present with alteration in tone. The aquatic environment offer an unique opportunity for active breathing ( resistive blowing of bubbles on the surface and during submersion) . Warm water combined with viscosity and hydrostatic pressure can promote better tone inhibition or stimulation (based on technique used). Neural stretches are significantly better tolerated in warm aquatic environment.
Aquatic Therapy is used as a treatment method to implement the plan of care as outlined by the evaluating therapist. Aquatic modality is usually combined with land based services. The goal is to maximize the gains in the aquatic environment with gradual transition to functional land activities. Home programs and community programs are emphasized to allow patients and family to practice learned skills in a community environment. As part of our program at True Blue we combine swimming skills with therapy and several of our children end up joining a swim club or adaptive swim program in the community.
Our pool is heated and indoors, giving us a chance to work year around.

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