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Amanda Lyon

My Child has attended True Blue Therapy weekly for 4 consecutive years because they provide an excellent quality of service, consistently exceed performance goals and prove to be an important contribution to her success.  The benefits of working with the professionals at True Blue Therapy include but are not limited to:
  • A high level of intellectual, emotional as well as technical competent connections to their patients.
  • A professional sincere interest in improving the overall quality of life of their patients.
  • The Therapists have demonstrated flexibility along with the ability to adapt to changes in situations with up to date communications all while recognizing individual needs and respecting the time of others.
  • Often times the additional education and training of the staff allows them to turn problems into opportunities, wherefore they are skilled in proposing clever and imaginative optional solutions to obstacles that special needs parents face.
  • The staff is kind, enthusiastic and engaging at every visit and provide all available resources for success.
  • True Blue Therapy goes out of their way to assist parents in advocating for their children's needs with a harmonious and cooperative spirit.
I am highly satisfied with the dependable, synergistic approach to child Therapy that is demonstrated by True Blue Therapy,  they exceed normal output standards!
I am grateful to have them as an integral part of my child's Specialists Team!

Ana Vargas

True Blue Therapy es para mi un segundo hogar. Un lugar magico donde siento paz y tranquilidad. Cuando observo la entrega, dedicacion, compromiso, humildad y sobre todo el amor y la pasion de cada  terapeuta en el trabajo con nuestros niños y nuestras niñas. Este sentimiento se ve reflejado en cada una de las caritas de alegria y felicidad de nuestros hijos. Gracias a Cristy Carmo y a todas las terapuedas de True Blue Therapy por el excelente trabajo que hacen dia a dia y por creer en el desarrollo de nuestros angeles en la tierra.

Kjellmark Family

We have been taking our daughter, Chandra, for therapy in the pool with therapists at True Blue Therapy for over ten years. Chandra has a very rare genetic syndrome that effected her brain structure so she is very unstable on her feet. She also has severe and profound intellectual disability. These factors in combination make it very difficult for her to get any exercise. But she loves the water, and loves her therapists. She always listens to them, and tries to follow their instructions to the best of her ability, when she is not involved in her favorite activity, which is splashing everyone in the pool! She has learned breath control, which strengthens her diaphragm, and is starting to show rudimentary ability to perform a few paddling strokes. Since she has less interest in office based therapy, this is her best option for therapeutic intervention. The therapists at True Blue Therapy are extremely kind and compassionate, and love all of the kids. The challenge of keeping her head above water stimulates her to perform the exercises the therapists ask of her and be more mindful of her surroundings. She has also learned to hold the side of the pool to save herself from sinking in deep water.

Crystal Molina

My name's Crystal Molina. I am 20 years old and I have been with true blue since I was 3 years old. Thorough out the years I have received the best help from the therapist with True Blue. They have helped me with the strength of my legs and other parts of my body and even help me get rid of some of the back and knee problems I have had thorough out the years.

Kusmierz Family

In Avery’s journey you have been a rock for us. You have shared smiles and tears with our family. Everything you do is clearly out of compassion for these kids and you display a renewed energy that most visits we find contagious. Leaving an appointment with that much needed “boost” to keep at it is a priceless gift that we receive week after week. Thank you for everything you do. Our world is amazing and manageable because of therapist like you!

Yvonne Carrillo

Our son has been a patient with True Blue Therapy for about 15 years. We've found all of the therapists to be the absolutely most professional and competent around!  By offering aquatics therapy as one of their services, they are filling a desperate need. Aquatics therapy is very valuable to many diagnoses, yet not easily found.  As a bonus, their schedule  runs like a finely oiled machine. You will be happy to be a part of their practice! 

Wendi Hoffer

True Blue therapy has been a huge part of our son’s success over the past 3 years that we have been going there for aquatic therapy. Cristy’s years of experience coupled with her natural intuition make her one of the best therapists we’ve ever come across. Her impact is felt well beyond my son’s pool sessions. We trust her implicitly and look to her for guidance in many different areas of our journey. The rest of the True Blue staff is amazing as well and we just love our time there every week.

Idalia Guerra

We greatly appreciate  everyone in true blue especially Cristy, Barbaree and Sona for everything they have done to help Sofia. The service they give to all the children is very generous y professional thank you for helping all those children with special needs once again thank you True Blue.

Yolanda Garcia

We are so thankful and grateful for being part of the True Blue family. I remember when he just started that he only cried from beginning to end and even though it was tough on us as parents and there were moments when we thought he was not getting anything out of it, we never missed a session. We received all the support from the incredible True Blue team and now we can tell how much he loves and enjoys his therapies. He has come a long way and True Blue continues being as supportive as the first day.  We have no words to thank True Blue for everything they have done and continue doing for our family. When all other doors close they keep theirs open, when no other ones see hope they give you results. We have experienced how much they love and believe in what they do and how they put their soul an heart working with the True Blue Kids

Alma Dixon

My son receives therapy at True Blue. He absolutely love his therapist. They are passionate and genuine about their work and excited everyday to help their patients. They work with your doctors to help your child achieve goals. They also share their knowledge on how to provide care for your child at home. The therapists here are great at their jobs but they also are great people.

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